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Such a great toner, and perfect for the 7 skins method! It smells amazing without any irritants. A must have!

Cristina / G.

I am incredibly impressed and in love with this serum! My skin feel so much smoother and hydrated after just a week.

Crina / P

After trying several Dynastie products over time, the Dermalift anti wrinkle has became my favorite! I love the texture , the feel and the next morning glow, and I’m absolutely addicted to the natural scent. Also, a little goes a long way and the price is great compared to other anti wrinkle products I’ve seen over the years.

Valeria / P

Amazing product, love Advanced night repair serum. I been using serum formula under eye, neck and face. It tight my skin and made it so smooth.

Irina / Dybkova

I recently switched to this serum and so long (after two weeks) I can see that it really works. Mostly I am using it for my neck, at night time and under the eyes.

Crystal / T

I’ve been using Rustik for the last two months or so especially in the morning – it smells nice and it leaves the face hydrated and smooth. It goes well afterwards with toner and serum. Excellent product!

Marius / S.

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