If you are new to formulation, but have always wanted to be a formulator, our basic recipes is a perfect place for you to start.

What cosmetic ingredients do we have available for you to purchase?

If you already have a basic knowledge on skincare, we can offer you amazing plant-based cosmetic extracts to incorporate in your products.

We have some ingredients such as carrier oils and oils infused with medicinal plants. Besides, our plant-extracts (Glycerites) are a great addition to your creams, toners, body butters, hair conditioners and so on.

If you already have ingredient supplies, now is the time to join us and formulate new products to test.

Completely new to formulating?

Allow yourself to fall in love with botanical ingredients! Make a list with 2-3 medicinal plants and plant them first in your garden! It will be more fun and it will also release the daily stress, stimulating creativity!

Where can you find free basic recipes to start with?

We highly recommend you to follow the path that works better for you in this new journey: online reading and formulating your own homemade remedies. We’ll add for you free basic recipes under the “Resources” section.

Not the type of person who would formulate skincare products?

Finally, if you are not the type who likes to blend, mix and match cosmetic ingredients, then just browse our available already made products. They are all naturals and handmade with love!

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