Floral waters are wonderful to hydrate the skin. Gentler than essential oils, can be used as they are even by indiviuals with sensitive skin.

Our skin is exposed daily to some hars conditions, such as dirth, sun, chlorine or oher harmful chemicals. Our naturl floral waters helps to get back beautiful skin, tone and balance its pH. It is scientifically proven for exemple that severe acne is associted with a higher skin ph, than normal. Floral waters restore your skin naturally by evening skin tone and adding back in lost moisture.

When purchasing a floral water you’ll want to make sure you’re usig the right essence for your skin. Our collection of hydrosols is alcohol free and even enhancedwith additional plant extract – the Roses-St. John’s Wort beeing one of them.

These Forals Waters Will Help Your Skin

Natural Floral Waters Alcohol Free

Rose-St. John’s Wort Floral Water. Rose Water contains nutrients like Vitamins A, C, D and E and also reduces bacteria on skin, decreases inflammation, and simultaneously hydrates and soothes irritation or itch. And it smells divine! St. John’s Wort is probably the most effective anti-wrinkle and anti-aging product that exists in nature.

Lavender Floral Water. Just like rose waterlavender water is a mood enhancer that works instantly to make you feel refreshed and forget all about stress. .Not only will it remedy uneven skin tone and signs of aging, but it relaxes and calms the mind as well.

Neroli Floral Water (Orange Blossom). The antibacterial properties of Neroli can help with acne and other skin-irritating conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Neroli can tone the skin and minimize enlarged pores because of its astringent quality. This water has a powerful and refreshing floral or citrus scent. 

Which one is yours?

Comment below which one would you like to try and why? And I will offer it as a free gift, to the best comment. Write to us and you can be the lucky winner!

4 thoughts on “Floral Waters

  1. Elena says:

    At the moment Neroli sounds lovely to my skin because wearing a mask for 7 hours every day at work results in my skin being irritated and acne prone. I’ve actually don’t remember having these red painful spots filled with yellow pus even as a teenager, but masks “do miracles, ew!” The irritation doesn’t go away, it’s very stubborn and propagates easily as long one disappeares another one is on its way 🙁
    So my hope is to find a solution with your help to this terrible pain and looks 💕

    • admin says:

      Hi Elena, I am sorry to hear this. While Neroli floral water has great benefits to the skin, for what you need I feel it is not enough on its own. For your case I’m thinking of a 3 floral waters blend.
      I’ll have it soon!

  2. Catalina says:

    Rose-St. John’s Wort Floral Water would be my favorite one. The reason why? Because I am in love with roses, since forever, they smell divine, it calms my mind bringing peace and clarity. On top of that, it reminds me of my grand mother back in the days, on the country side when she was preparing plenty of roses for jam. She had many bushes and when the time came, plenty of mason jars were filled up with jam. Moreover, she used to dry rose petals and in the winter time she was adding a few in our morning cup of tea along with accacia honey . A tiny bag with dry roses was next to my pillow.
    One of the best memories from my childhood 😉

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