Let us have a look at some ingredients in the skincare products for eczema.

Water – not quite an allergen.

If you see water (or hydrosols, floral waters, aloe vera juice) listed in the list of ingredients on the fist 3 places, then it is not suitable for eczema.

Fragrances – are well known allergens.

Wool – Let us start with Lanolin which is a wonderful ingredient for eczema salves. Despite this, a small percentage of individuals are allergic to wool, lanolin implied.

Essential oils – there ae studies showing that even if at fist sight essential oils people with this condition, on long term there were situations when eczema actually got worst.

Personally, I would go completely scent free, including Essential Oils.

Bark trees – As an example, White Willow Bark is amazing in eczema creams. Except for the small percentage of persons who are allergic to trees. In this case, avoid this ingredient in your creams.

Honey, beeswax – there is proven research showing that honey and beeswax really help with eczema. Except fo the people who are allergic t any beehive products.

Oat – another ingredient with a high success rate in helping with eczema. Again, a small sample of people are allergic to oat. If you are one of them, avoid this ingredient in the skincare products.

Individual allergens – different people may be allergic to different medicinal plants. Check with your doctor and have an allergy test.

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